JUST (and pretty gosh darn great) Fashion – Visible



Mostly something for the men this week, and what fabulous somethings they are!

Visible is a label determined to do big ethical things for the fashion industry. As the name suggests, transparency is a huge part of how they do business.  They run their operations based on three guiding ‘visibles’; visible people, visible cost and visible impact.

Visible people sees the consumer connected with the people that make their clothing. You can read all about Ha and Thanh, a married couple from Vietnam that make the shirts. The couple go above and beyond to treat the people they employ as fairly as possible. Or Hema, one of the workers in the Mandala factory that makes the t-shirts, who one day hopes to own a factory that is as supportive of its employees as the one she currently works in.

Visible cost is about breaking down the price of each component and stage of the production. The website boasts a handy info graphic for both the shirts and t-shirts that makes it easy for customers to see where their money is being spent. Visible acknowledges this is a risky practice and not everyone will agree with how the money is distributed. For example, the cost to post the product to a customer is more than what the farmers and factory workers are paid. However those lovely people behind Visible are certain that this information is key to helping consumers understand what goes on behind the scenes.

Finally, visible impact sees the label developing and implementing ideas on how to make and measure positive social impact. Visible is in the process of refining an impact grid that clearly shows the impact of production on the workers and their community. The label desperately wants to challenge the status quo and create opportunities for positive impact in the garment sector. Get it guys!

As well as being all round fashion good guys, Visible have scooped the biggest endorsement deal of the year! Santa Claus is said to be a big fan of the t-shirts (which are available in both mens and ladies styles) and all the good work that goes into them. And if Santa is backing Visible, you know you can’t go wrong!